Travel Service

Business travel is no longer just about getting people from (left to Right) A to B. Today, managing the travel portfolio of a corporate company requires industry specialisation to achieve the best bottom-line results.

Travel Policy

Whether you have a structured travel policy in place, or a less formal arrangement, there is always room for improvement. Our role at OmokaroTravel and Tours is to help you identify the areas that can be improved upon and put a plan in place to optimise your travelling programme.

Offering and Benefits

OmokaroTravel and Tours ensures that you will always receive friendly and personalised service from our consultants, rather than deal with an impersonal call centre. Our experienced travel agents can assist you with a travel solution from last-minute changes, VIP travel, group bookings, travel rosters, Visas, excess luggage and special car hire, to policy compliance and expense management.

Experience and understanding

We have the experience, plus an understanding of the unique requirements of the corporate travel environment, to offer your business the best advice. Our consultants are encouraged to experience travel themselves, placing them in a better position to understand your needs. Business travel is one of the top five controllable expenses for most businesses. For this reason we offer you monthly travel management reports to give you a comprehensive overview of your travel programme, spend and patterns. The insight you gain through these reports will empower you to take better control of your travel and to identify where you can save across all aspects of your travel programme.



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